Kadri Hansen is an Estonian aerial acrobat who loves to share parts of her inner self through aerial performances. Kadri is inspired by contrasts and contradictions both in humans and Estonia's nature in different seasons. She has a great curiosity towards different forms of art and visual storytelling.

Kadri has been involved with Circus for most of her life, even though she was put into music school at the age of 5 where she learnt classical piano for many years. She has worked on aerial silks, trapeze, hoop, sling, net, and taken several aerial- and movement master classes abroad. Due to the fact that the circus community is fairly small in a country of 1.3 million people, Kadri's curiosity has taken her to live, train and perform with various companies in Mexico and Canada over the years.

Kadri's movement style has been described as organic, fluent and controlled yet spontaneous. Her acts have often a powerful yet nostalgic feel to them.

In June 2017 Kadri won the first price at “Zero Gravity International Aerial Art Festival” in “silks professional” category, 2 weeks later she opened her aerial dance school Reverie Aerial Arts. In 2018, Kadri was invited to be the festival judge (for artistry) at the same competition. Kadri is currently residing in Estonia, she is mainly working for private events, yet the wider audience might have had the chance to see Kadri on silks at Estonian Eurovision (2018) semi-finals with Etnopatsy - “Külm”.



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