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Week full of Circo

The more I live in the present moment, the harder it is to sit down and attempt to describe the life I have in this magical country. The same way when you’re out in the nature, witnessing something glorious yet simple at the same time and yet the photo you’re taking with your camera doesn’t even come close to the sensation you had. It almost devaluates the whole experience. Great part of me wants to document and share some of my experiences, even greater part of me is a master procrastinator. At the very moment, I am exactly where I need to be. I don’t feel displaced – the feeling that I had exactly a year ago when working in an office as a full time graphic designer.

Image courtesy: Foro Periplo & Siiri Kumari

Image: Foro Periplo / Foto: Siiri Kumari

Circo Dragon

On Monday 10th of April, I had the wonderful opportunity to join in with Circo Dragon’s, the local professional circus company’s, training. I have to admit that it was a whole lot more difficult that I imagined it to be. One can definitely notice that the 10 – 12 artists that the performing company consists of, are amongst the top athletes, performers in the vibrant city of Guadalajara.

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of the major differences I noticed in the aerial scene of Zihuatanejo compared to Estonia’s was the presence of men in the air. Circo Dragon also consists mainly male performers and only 3 girls, whereas Estonian circus scene is mainly dominated by women.

By Monday, it was also confirmed that I would be presenting an act as a Guest Artist in the local Circus Variete, which is a “warm up – event” for the upcoming Circus Festival in June. Therefore I spent the next 4 days in the midst of excitement, anxiety and panic. The usual cocktail of emotions before any kind of “personal performance” – that is an non-corporate act where I am able to reveal some parts of myself.

Image: Foro Periplo

Above is another promotional image for the Variete de Circo. As I have studied and worked as a graphic designer myself, I have been quite impressed by the local design scene. Excited to encounter so many interesting and vibrant visuals in Guadalajara.

Below is a link to a video taken at the very first week of my trainings in Guadalajara. Amongst the Circo Dragon's amazing artists, you can see me practicing my silks routine.

Cartboard Box of Eggs

If I'd have to choose my greatest sin (out of the 7 deadly sins) during this period, it would definitely be gluttony. As the aerial silks are fairly cheap in Mexico, I couldn’t resist but buying myself some… I was still living in Zihuatanejo when I visited the fabric store, equally exciting as any colourful Candy store. However, this time the choice had to be made between all kinds of tones of fabric. As I couldn’t decide which one to pick, I I ended up buying myself 3 new pairs silks. I would have liked to buy more, however it would have been too much to carry. I would just love to have some.. and more, all kinds of shades, just like on the wall of Hercinia Arts Studio in Toronto (photo on the right) where I used to train a few years ago. Gluttony.

On my last day in Zihuatanejo, I was about to send my 3 new silks off to Estonia, a few days before the Mexican post office told me that I have to find my own box where they had to be packed in. In Estonia you can buy boxes directly from the post office, in Zihuatanejo you find the box and pack it yourself. I had to go to the supermarket and amongst the used boxes found myself a nice big box, originally meant for transporting eggs, where my 8 kg of silks fit nicely in. So on my last day in Zihuatanejo I happily went back to the post office only to find out that the only boxes they don’t accept are the ones meant transporting the eggs. The same night I and my silks were already taking the 9 hour night bus to Guadalajara, as if I already didn’t have enough things to carry as I was fully moving from one city to another. Little did I know that pretty much as soon as I arrived to Guadalajara I was offered a chance to perform where I had to use my own equipment. So now I have 2 pairs of brand new silks and one – the red ones, that have had their premiere in the Circus Variete in Guadalajara. As they say in Estonia: “Pole halba ilma heata.”

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, on each of these days I attended a different kind of circus event. I Love Guadalajara! On Friday I performed next to the local and international circus performers, on Saturday another performance event was held and on the last day of the week Circus Dragon organized a lovely barbecue eating – circus gathering for the local artists.

FRIDAY at Foro Periplo - the place of my first performance in Guadalajara. The place itself is very unique, it includes a cafe/bar, theatre and a little shop. Photos below are only a small fragment of one of my favourite spots in this city.

SATURDAY at La Bodega - Cena Di Strada

Circus show, drinks and dinner. Unlike Friday night's Circus Variete, this event was mainly created to showcase "works in progress". However, I must say that none of the acts looked weak nor unfinished.

Image: La Bodega

Above is a photo rapidly captured of one of my favourite aerial performances of the night. Aerial straps with a chair.

Below is a (shyly and secretly taken) photo of our dinner place just outside of the venue. Drinks and snacks were sold inside, yet the tasty, free (included with the ticket price) hot-dogs were prepared and served right out on the street. I love Mexican street food. The contamination of the air and cars passing by hasn't made it any less appealing for me. Exotic, probably unhealthy, yet delicious!

SUNDAY's Social event at Circo Dragon. Barbecue, Games (Circus Olympics) and Beer.. or whatever people chose to take with for food and drinks.

Image: Circo Dragon

Below is a video of just one of the Circus Games featuring some of the highly skilled performers of Circo Dragon. Watch it and you will figure out the rules! Even though I like to believe I have seen a lot of Circus shows, acts, and different types of trainings in my life ,this was probably one of the most exciting spectacles to watch!

As the week came to and end, so did my activities with circus for the month of April, as the rest 2 weeks were dedicated to a different, beautiful part of my life: my personal life.

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